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trixie's baked treats


Trixie's Treats is an indie dessert bake shop, operating out of Tampa, Florida. The bakery's playful, flower child character guided the way in building the visual identity. We chose typography based on 1970's band posters, with twists and fat line weights. The textures made for Trixie's Treats pull heavily from the psychedelic aesthetics of the decade, we put a new twist on tie dye and designed four monochromatic marbled textures. The brand graphics were influenced by 1970's cooking ware and the cut paper, color field illustration styles of Push Pin Studios (Seymour Chwast/Milton Glaser) and School House Rock! (Thomas G. Yohe). The color scheme also comes from those illustration styles and is a kind of play on the primaries, substituting yellow with a pale olive. This project came together harmoniously as a fun-loving solute to the 1970's. 

brand &
identity design
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