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Astrobleme is a laid back hemp retailer in balmy Tampa, Florida. To build this identity we let the company name lead the way. An astrobleme is an erosional scar on the Earth's surface, produced by the impact of a cosmic body. Bearing that a blemish/crater is a little bleak to build a brand image we opted instead to highlight the process. The logo mark is comet headed for a mountain surrounded by a starry sky. From there our team figured a purely cosmic narrative was a little worn out, so we leaned into a more playful visual theme - space camp! We fashioned the primary logo and brand assets as graphic, cartoony camp decor. And to pull the projects visuals back into the world of weed, we donned the brand in a tranquil triadic color scheme of violet, turquoise, and royal blue. 

brand identity
web assets &
packaging design
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